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Please complete the following form to the best of your ability, the more thorough and detailed your information, the more likely Accessibility Services can support you and your request.

Please note from start to finish the process of getting approved accommodations may take 2-3 weeks.

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Please provide documentation indicating your disability need that is consistent with the following:

  • Completed by a provider who is licensed or credentialed to diagnose or treat the condition you are presenting. This documentation must be dated, signed, and include the license number of the examiner. Documentation must also include the amount of time the provider has been working with the student.
  • A description of the disability, including diagnosis and history, and the current impact of disability or diagnosis. If there is no formal diagnosis at the time of application, but there is clear evidence of a condition that could be disabling please describe the relevant medical history indicating a need.
  • A description of the expected duration, severity, frequency, and progression of the condition or disability.
  • Any medication and potential side effects that may functionally impact the student.
  • If applicable, a description of past use and effectiveness or previous accommodations or treatments as they pertain to the request